Coated fabrics

Enhanced Characteristics

Augmented fabrics

Arville are specialists in the coating of technical textiles


We have access to a wide range of coating compounds and chemical formulations which, when applied to the fabric, can be used to give a much broader, enhanced set of operating characteristics








Shore hardness 

















Engineered For High Performance

Engineered for high performanceArville actively works with some of the most scientifically advanced organisations who operate at the forefront of material science and technology to ensure that our technical team has access to the latest developments in a wide range of rubbers, polymers and chemical solutions including Polyurethane, Acrylic, EVA, Silicone, PTFE, Natural latex, Styrene, Nipol, Neoprene, EPDM, Butyl, Hypalon and Viton


When formulated into coating compounds and applied to fabrics, they are designed to add a wide range of enhancements such as extra strength, durability, temperature resistance, barrier properties, water-proofing, and resistance to aggressive substances such as solvents, acids, alkalis, fossil fuels and many more


Operating temperature ranges
















    Fuel resistance         Heat resistance    
    Ozone resistance         Gas permeability    
    UV resistance         Gas barrier    
    Improved tensile strength         Weather resistance    
    Good stretch         High/low friction    
    Abrasion resistance         Tear resistance    
    Chemical resistance         Increased rigidity    
    Oil resistance         Acid resistance    
    Flame resistance         Alkali resistance    
    Water repellancy/resistance         Solvent resistance    


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