Arville Announces TMLA with DuPont

Arville has signalled a closer working relationship with DuPont by entering into a formal Trade Mark Licencing Agreement (TMLA) for their high-performance Nomex® branded yarns.

The scope of the TMLA covers a range of Arville’s projects across the UK and Europe where we are known for the manufacture of high-performance fabrics which are used in demanding end applications within aerospace, automotive, defence/military and industrial sectors.

This latest partnership ties in with Arville’s work within the PPE sector, where we are developing an innovative range of patented fabrics designed to provide high levels of protection for emergency services personnel.

Woven from a custom blend of Nomex® yarns, Arville’s ComfortShell fabric has a unique construction which allows for some of the most lightweight and comfortable firefighter uniform ensembles yet seen in the market.

Arville’s Managing Director, Jim Wight, commented, “We are looking forward to working more closely with DuPont. As we continue to grow our business we see having strong partnerships with our suppliers as key. In addition to building these relationships, we are also investing in extra production capacity to meet the growing demand.”

DuPont™ Nomex® is a revolutionary heat and flame-resistant fibre providing protection to millions of people and processes worldwide. Firefighters and emergency personnel around the world have relied on flame resistant turnout gear, EMS wear, Stationwear and accessories made of Nomex® brand fibres for over 40 years.

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