Arville Rebrand

We are pleased to announce that our individual businesses within the Arville Group will be coming together to operate as a single entity offering end-to-end integrated capabilities of technical textile design, weaving, finishing, coating and fabrication.

Marking this occasion we are rolling out a new style look and branding, along with an increased web presence to raise Arville’s profile within the textiles market.

The new branding has been implemented across all sites as part of this unique approach which integrates manufacturing capabilities across a full range of technical textiles expertise, giving customers a choice of a stand-alone or fully integrated portfolio for their technical textiles requirements.

The changes will, for many customers, mean that Arville will be able to broaden the range of products available to them.

Operating within the Arville Group are Multiple Fabric Company, a dedicated fabrication unit for the make-up of end-form textiles which was acquired in 1997, and P&S Textiles, a specialist fabric coating plant which was acquired in 2000.

Both of these divisions continue to trade under the new name of Arville and have benefitted from a significant upgrade programme of investment in people, plant and machinery to raise their capabilities to a ‘best in class’ level of support, service and manufacturing expertise in the production of technical textiles.