Environmental Initiatives Make Arville Leaner and Greener

As part of an ethical approach to manufacturing, Arville has rolled out further ‘green’ initiatives at its Yorkshire weaving plant to minimise its environmental impact.

The phased introduction of LED lighting is underway. The installation of new, low power lighting systems throughout all of Arville’s Wetherby offices and factories will not only reduce energy consumption and costs for the growing business – it will lessen the site’s carbon footprint too without affecting lux levels.

Microwave detectors for auto on/off in low traffic areas will contribute to a 50% energy reduction against the standard tube lighting it replaces.

This project also coincides with Arville’s long-term goal of achieving zero waste to landfill. Having already minimised the use of packaging on site, the team are now working on processes to segregate individual production waste streams at source so that they can be sent for specialist recycling and reuse. This is the latest in a series of waste handling improvements following the segregation of paper-based office waste.

Arville also tries to proactively engineer environmental costs out of the textiles it produces – by design. Lightweighting is a powerful driver in aerospace and automotive fabrics for example, as it helps to reduce fuel consumption – and therefore carbon footprint – of travel. Textile innovation helps to make this possible.

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