Fabrics For High Performance Inflatables

Lightweight buoyancy devices

Arville develop many fabrics which are used in high performance, high integrity temporary floating structures, lightweight buoyancy devices and equipment for marine applications

  • Oil booms
  • Containment booms
  • Flotation buoys
  • Flood defences

We produce highly durable textiles which offer excellent strength to weight ratios and which are designed to cope with the rigors of continuous use in demanding weather conditions

Flexible Fuel Cells

Arville fabrics can be found working as textile reinforcement layers for a wide range of lightweight, highly durable, crashworthy and self-sealing portable containers for the transfer of fuel, oil and other essential liquids

This includes tanks and vessels of differing volumes employed across a number of end applications such as flexible fuel tanks for performance racing vehicles, flexible fuel tanks for military vehicles and aircraft, portable pillow tanks and transportable refueling vessels for military deployment

In every instance the integrity of the textile component is a key element to ensure maximum performance at a time when it is most needed

Temporary Inflatable Structures

Arville produce specialist fabrics for air-supported architectural structures ranging from large scale buildings, military aircraft hangars and shelters, ground servicing covers, right through to smaller scale individual decontamination chambers

We design fabrics that give structural integrity and strength whilst remaining lightweight for ease of use and portability. Where required we produce fabrics with bespoke characteristics which are fire retardant, anti-static, weather resistant or ballistic grade for applications within the militaryaerospace and commercial end uses

Survival Equipment

Arville fabrics act as an essential textile components where performance is critical to preserve and protect life

  • Emergency flotation systems for aircraft
  • Survival inflatables
  • External life rafts
  • Immersion suits
  • Flotation jackets
  • Aircraft escape slides & chutes

Our lightweight fabrics can be produced with a wide range of properties to meet the needs of demanding situations where rapid deployment, resistance to flex and crumple fatigue, fire retardancy and high strength are all key factors

High Pressure Inflatable Bags & Devices

  • Lifting bags for construction
  • Lifting bags for emergency services
  • Bags for moving bulky/heavyweight objects
  • Pipe stopper bags

With many different end applications for high pressure inflatable bags, we ensure that our fabrics are versatile enough to meet the specific needs for many different operating conditions

Arville fabrics are designed to handle the repeated inflation/deflation cycles of high pressure inflatable bags used in industries that maintain and service pipe networks for gas, water and oil supplies. When used in close welding proximity we offer fabrics which are flame retardant and capable of withstanding high temperatures

Specialist anti-static fabrics can ensure that ignition risks are minimised for operating in areas with combustable fuels. We design fabrics with high strength/weight ratios that have excellent tensile and burst pressure strength as well as resistance to flex-fatigue

End Uses

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