The Fabrication Process

Drawings & Templates

Arville’s fabricating division operates from a modern facility and draws on a wealth of industry experience in the creation of bespoke pre-made textile components for a wide range of complicated and specialist applications

We can work from pre-approved drawings, such as patterns for the making up of military equipment, or assist our customers with developing a working specification that includes drawn plans and templates for bespoke custom pieces

Measuring & Cutting

Laser CNC cutting means that we are able to cut any type of fabric into virtually any shape. Electronic templates and cutting patterns can be programmed and stored in memory then easily recalled for quick turnaround of jobs with minimal set-up times. Digital customer approval for each job helps to further reduce time taken, allowing production to go ahead more quickly

In-built software allows cutting patterns to be nested for maximum efficiency, eliminating unnecessary wastage of valuable fabric and reducing costs. All types of natural and man-made fabrics can be cut in this way including Kevlar, Vectran, Dyneema, glass fabrics, cotton, polyester, nylon and coated fabrics

The contactless method of cutting means that manual handling of the fabric is reduced to a minimum and, as the laser cuts without affecting surrounding fibres, it finishes with a high-quality stable edge which eliminates fraying

This flexible manufacturing allows us to fabricate single one-off pieces for prototyping, testing or custom purposes, right through to scalable and cost-effective full-length production runs

Sewing & Assembly

Arville has a dedicated team of machinists who are highly experienced in the make-up of woven technical textiles, giving us the capability to offer high quality, cost-effective fabrication services to manufacture components, sub-assemblies and finished products

We operate heavy duty, single and multi-needle sewing equipment with a variety of stitching methods including lock stitch, chain stitch, overcast stitch and safety stitching

Our technical expertise enables us to build custom work aids, sew fixtures and guide systems which allows repeatable processes for highly complex commercial/industrial sewing and assembly of textiles


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