Our Weaving Processes

Yarn Twisting

Yarn twistingOperating our own in-house ring twisting machinery provides us with the flexibility to twist yarn to the specific twist level that is optimal for a particular fabric specification


Electronic drive control provides high levels of accuracy of twist levels and consistent performance. Our data banks keep a library of stored customer settings and are able to recall pre-set yarn styles, ensuring accurate repeatability and consistency throughout


Additional specialist twisting machinery is used that allows us to produce hybrid yarns using multifilament, spun and monofilament yarns of varying counts to produce a bespoke product. This is particularly useful for customers who require the introduction of anti-static, conductive or reinforcement yarns





Precision sectional warping machinery gives us full control over the preparation of weaving beams. Control over the warping process allows us to rapidly respond to customer needs and to prepare complex warps with highly accurate section alignment, yarn control and tension levels


We have the ability to handle a wide variety of both multifilament and spun yarn types, including high performance technical yarns such as para-aramids and difficult to handle yarns such as UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene)


Sectional warping allows for fast, consistent and controlled loom set-up. In-house warping machinery allows us to be more responsive to our customers' needs and is ideal for producing both long warps for full-scale production runs and shorter warp lengths for bespoke runs and development work




WeavingWe have an extensive fleet of Dornier rapier looms capable of weaving fabric up to 340cm wide and fabric weights from 25gsm up to 3,000gsm. In addition, we operate a fleet of shuttle looms capable of weaving tubular fabrics at widths up to 220cm wide


A number of our looms are allocated to ongoing development work for our customers, allowing us to offer flexible manufacturing and full-width production of short run-lengths


We produce flat, multi-layer and tubular weaves and over the years have worked with our customers to develop many complex weave patterns and constructions designed to impart specific performance characteristics. We have an extensive database of fabrics and their technical attributes and would be delighted to work with you to tailor a fabric to suit your needs


Weave type

Widths (cm)

Weight (g/m²)






 Flat 65 340 25 1,500
 Multi-layer 120 260 25 3,000
 Tubular 65 220 25 1,500
 Plain 65 340 25 1,500
 Twill 65 340 25 1,500
 Broken twill 65 340 25 1,500
 Satin 65 340 25 1,500
 Matt 65 340 25 1,500
 Mock leno 65 340 25 1,500
 Bespoke 65 340 25 3,000




FinishingTo deliver specific performance characteristics or to prepare the fabric for use in further industrial processes we can apply a range of bespoke finishing processes to fabrics


Our in-house finishing capabilities are extensive, allowing us to develop for our customers an end product of high quality fabric, engineered to have performance characteristics that exactly meets their requirements



  Scouring   Multi-point slitting Singeing
  Heat-setting   Priming treatments Fire retardant treatments
  Release finishes   Water repellancy treatments Bias cutting


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