Case Studies

The following case studies are just a few examples where we have worked with our customers to design and develop fabric solutions to meet their exacting requirements.

At Arville we like a challenge, so the more complex and unusual the request the better. Each of the textiles produced have had significant benefits for our clients. We're continually developing ways to enhance the technical characteristics of our fabrics, whether this is lighter, stronger more durable or engineered for extra value.

  • High Performance Marine Fabric

    High Performance Marine Fabric

    Arville have recently worked with a contractor who is involved with the manufacture and supply of equipment used primarily in maritime applications by the military. They approached Arville with a specific problem they were facing when using particular fabrics which they were sourcing from another supplier who was unable to offer them a viable technical solution

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  • Fabric Process Liner Improvement

    Fabric Process Liner Improvement

    Arville have introduced a series of cost-saving developments to customers who are using textile process liners in the manufacture of mechanical rubber goods (MRG)

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  • Heat responsive fabrics

    Heat responsive fabrics

    To protect firefighters, Arville have developed a new range of innovative PPE fabrics designed to provide high levels of protection from radiant heat and flame hazards whilst also offering the wearer comfort, ease of movement and inherent moisture management characteristics

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  • Electro-Conductive Fabrics

    Electro-Conductive Fabrics

    Arville has worked closely with a number of companies who use fabrics for critical filtration purposes which can be compromised by the potential build-up of static electricity, either from a safety perspective or because it is detrimental to their manufacturing processes

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  • Development Capabilities

    Development Capabilities

    Arville have worked on a major project with a high profile PPE garment manufacturer who was keen to react quickly to a specific enquiry from their main customer. However due to restrictions from their incumbent suppliers they were limited in their ability to respond in the way that they felt was necessary to secure the work and turned to Arville for help

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