End Uses

Arville has a long-standing history working as a supplier partner with our customers in a number of very specialist technical fields that require a high degree of industry expertise and understanding

This experience has allowed us to develop a strong competitive advantage within several key end applications where textiles and textile components play a critical role

  • Filtration Media Fabrics 2 Filtration Media Fabrics

    Filtration Media

    Arville are specialists in providing a fully integrated solution for bespoke technical textile media, which is used across a wide range of industries for wet and dry separation and filtration purposes. Our range of woven filtration fabrics provides customers with consistent performance, effective particle retention, efficient flow-rates as well as good cake release and clarity of filtrate. Where required we have a range of food migration approved fabrics

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  • Fabrics for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Fabrics for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

    Protection (PPE)

    Where personal protection and safety are critical factors, we engineer fabrics which are designed to offer maximum protection in hazardous and extreme conditions where cold, heat, flame, ignition, chemicals, discharge, sparks or splashes present serious risk of harm or injury to civilian and armed forces or personnel working in industrial environments

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  • Fabrics For High Performance Inflatables 2 Fabrics For High Performance Inflatables 1

    High Performance Inflatables

    We produce many fabrics which are specified for use in high performance, high integrity, lightweight buoyancy devices and survival equipment. These include emergency flotation systems for helicopters, crashworthy and self-sealing portable containers for the transfer of fuel, oil and other liquids, external life rafts, pillow tanks, protective suits, inflatable and temporary structures such as aircraft shelters and hangars

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  • Fabric for hose reinforcements 2 Fabric for hose reinforcements


    Arville leads the market developing high-performance, cost-effective textiles for reinforcing difficult, highly complex and intricate products. We weave using specialist high-strength, high temperature resistant yarns to create fabrics which form durable, high-strength matrices to support and reinforce products which are placed under constant loads, mechanical stress or difficult operating conditions

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