Technical Textiles

Arville are specialist suppliers of technical textiles – these are fabrics which are manufactured primarily for functional rather than aesthetic purposes and are designed to meet the specific operating criteria needed for demanding end uses. These types of engineered fabrics are designed to have high performance characteristics that can allow them to withstand difficult working conditions such as high temperatures, chemical, flame or fire resistance or requiring high levels of tensile strengths.

We like a challenge – the more complex and unusual the application, the better. We are happy to work with your internal team, tailoring a cost-effective textile solution for your needs.

Arville designs high performance fabrics to meet complex specifications across a variety of markets, developing prototypes for new uses or improving and refining characteristics for existing applications of technical textiles.

We will work closely with you as your textile development partner, acting as a vital resource to help deliver a structured approach to the design of fabric components within your products or processes.

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    An Integrated Approach to Technical Textile Design

    Arville are experts in all areas of the technical textile manufacturing process. Our integrated approach means we can develop highly complex technical textiles, tailoring the yarn types, weave constructions, finishes and coatings to produce fabrics that are custom-made to perform to consistently high standards – even in the most demanding of applications.

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    Designing High Performance Fabrics

    We'll act as a design and specification resource for your business. Our technical experience and specialist knowledge of yarns, fabrics, weaving, finishing, coating and fabrication processes means we can take the hard work away by developing innovative fabric solutions.

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