With a customer base that encompasses over 50 countries world-wide, we manufacture bespoke technical textiles which are utilised across a wide range of highly complex applications and industries


Our customers range from large multi-national to medium and small sized companies with unique and niche needs for technical textiles. Below are examples of just some of the industries we serve

  • Defence Defence

    Arville manufactures high-strength ballistic grade fabrics used throughout the defence industry for personal protection equipment, ammunition storage, temporary shelters and military vehicle interiors

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  • Aerospace Aerospace

    We produce high performance fabrics for both the civil and military aerospace industries which form integral parts and reinforcements within structural components and interiors of airplanes and helicopters

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  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical

    We provide specialist long-lasting durable textiles used in pharmaceutical manufacturing which are designed to be inert to the chemical processes and harsh environments

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  • Food Food

    Arville manufactures specialist durable fabrics with food-grade approval for a wide variety of applications within the food industry from conveyor belting to food handling and processing

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  • Medical Medical

    We supply bespoke woven fabrics which are used in the medical industry that have been specially developed for a range of niche and highly specialist healthcare applications

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  • Automotive Automotive

    Arville leads the market developing high-performance, cost-effective textiles for reinforcing difficult, highly complex and intricate rubber products such as hoses, which are used throughout the automotive industry

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  • Industrial Industrial

    From mining and construction to chemical production and refining, our industry experience has seen us create durable and cost-effective bespoke textiles which are designed to continue performing time after time in even the most demanding situations and applications

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  • Filtration Filtration

    We create bespoke micron-rated fabrics designed to a specified particle size, giving our customers an effective solution for their filtration and separation needs

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