From biscuits to ballistics: Arville celebrates more diverse-than-ever end uses for its technical fabrics

Arville is supplying specialist textiles for an increasingly broad range of applications, six and a half decades on from the company’s founding.

The Yorkshire-based technical weaver is proving itself to be a UK manufacturing success story with successive year-on-year growth of the business, supplying fabrics into a wide range of market sectors with ever-more specialist uses for engineered textiles.

Arville FactoryFrom humble beginnings back in 1954, originally weaving fabric for public transport uniforms, Arville has grown and diversified, with a customer base that now covers more than 50 countries worldwide.

Arville fabrics can be found at work in increasingly diverse and complex uses ranging from rubber reinforcement, military vehicle interiors, high temperature protection, lightweight conveyor belting, pharmaceutical and food processing, and many, many more.

Group Head of Marketing, Andy Smith, said: “Arville and Arvex are proprietary fabrics manufactured by us in the UK which are workhorse materials in a wide range of diverse, complex and difficult applications around the world.”

“Chances are that if you have ever travelled on a train, a plane, or even eaten a chocolate digestive, you’ve only been able to do so because our technical fabrics have helped to make it possible,” he added.

The names Arville and Arvex are registered for use throughout the UK and Europe, and are synonymous with high-performance textile materials for demanding applications. But while they are increasingly recognised as leading trademarks for technical fabrics within an industrial and manufacturing context, brand awareness with the wider general public is limited due to them quietly working unseen in the background.

Nomex firefighter uniformsArville provides technical fabrics that deliver exceptionally high-performance levels against extreme and adverse operating conditions. This includes high strength industrial applications, protection (PPE) from hazards such as heat, flame and chemical exposure in both military and civilian operations.

Arville supplies customers ranging from large multi-nationals to medium and small-sized companies with unique and niche needs for technical textiles in sectors including defence, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food, medical, automotive and filtration.

The company has created a platform for further expansion thanks to a recent £1.2m investment which has opened up extra manufacturing capacity.