Our Year In Numbers

When we look back and take stock of what has been achieved at Arville over the past 12 months, we’re proud to see the success of our strategy to grow the business and strengthen our offering to customers as ‘The Technical Textiles Specialist’.

Sales revenue across the Group has increased during the period as we output more fabrics for ever-increasingly technical end-applications. Extra production capacity has been commissioned, installed and has come on-line as part of our continuous investment programme at our dedicated coating factory. Additional people have been recruited to fill a number of newly created roles within the business and we’ve invested additional resources in our digital systems to improve work-flow and access to information.

To put our growth into context, we’ve come up with some key statistics to help visualise the scale of our operations:

  • In 12 months we produced 1.9 million m² of fabric – that’s enough to cover 267 full-size football pitches

  • The length of yarn we used would be enough to cover the distance to the Moon and back over 6 times


  • Our on-loom quality control system recorded 1.4 billion weft insertions (picks), that’s the same number as the entire population of China

  • End-to-end, the length of fabric we produced would nearly reach from one end of the UK to the other

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