Technical Library

Arville are ‘The Technical Textiles Specialist’ with a wealth of experience working with yarns, fabrics, weaving and coating processes. We have put this specialist knowledge to use, to create a bank of technical resources and useful product brochures to share and download.


  • Arville - About Us

    Arville - About Us

    Arville lead the market with a ‘best-in-class’ approach to manufacturing technical textiles. From cost-savings to weight reduction, find out more about how we can benefit your business

  • Food Grade Fabrics

    Food Grade Fabrics

    Keeping pace with the growing complexity of regulations within the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we have developed a range of fabrics which have been independently tested and certified to meet with stringent FDA requirements and European migration requirements for direct food contact


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  • Rubber Reinforcement Fabrics

    Rubber Reinforcement Fabrics

    Arville is a specialist supplier of high performance textiles which are used throughout industry in the manufacture of mechanical rubber goods. We weave using specialist yarns including high-strength, high-temperature  resistant polyesters and meta-aramids such as Kevlar, Conex, Nomex, etc. to create fabrics which are designed to bond well and accept rubber matrices in ways that provide exceptional strength to flexibility ratios


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  • Fabric Process Liner Improvement

    Fabric Process Liner Improvement

    Arville have introduced a series of cost-saving developments to customers who are using textile process liners in the manufacture of mechanical rubber goods (MRG)

  • Heat Responsive Fabrics

    Heat Responsive Fabrics

    To protect firefighters, Arville have developed a new range of innovative PPE fabrics designed to provide high levels of protection from radiant heat and flame hazards whilst also offering the wearer comfort, ease of movement and inherent moisture management characteristics

  • Electro-Conductive Fabrics

    Electro-Conductive Fabrics

    Arville has worked closely with a number of companies who use fabrics for critical filtration purposes which can be compromised by the potential build up of static electricty, either from a safety perspective or because it is detremental to their manufacturing processes