Corporate Responsibility

Arville monitors and ensures active compliance within the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms in its day-to-day business activities

Sustainability & reducing our environmental impact

Arville is an ethical employer and manufacturer and we strive to minimise our environmental impact locally and globally through ongoing investment, manufacturing improvements, raw material sourcing and implementation of best practice. We recognise that our operations may have an impact on the local environment, however small, and as such we are committed to minimising the effect where practical

We manufacture using equipment developed to be both energy-efficient and that meet ethical manufacturing requirements. Reusable packaging is used and (where reasonably possible) all waste materials are recycled or disposed of through recognised sources. We are proactive in identifying and complying with relevant legislation, how it has an impact on the company and strive for continuous improvement.

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Company values

Arville has an expectation of our employees that when dealing with other employees, customers and suppliers they act with honesty and integrity at all times

We encourage working in a flexible manner that promotes new ideas and embraces change and that all employees work and act in a professional and safety-conscious manner embracing the company’s quality systems with regards to their own and other people’s well being

We have robust procedures in place to protect our employees in the workplace

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Quality objectives

Arville aims to meet and exceed our customers requirements and expectations. We regularly monitor, measure and review our performance with the aim of continuous improvement. We aim to provide added value through sustained investment in staff training and development and product and service innovation.

As such our goals are: to meet all orders in full and correctly first time. That orders will be completed within the timescales agreed with customers. That material specifications agreed with the customer will not be changed without prior consultation. That we will communicate openly and freely with our customers regarding orders. That all queries and problems will be dealt with courteously, quickly and effectively. That Arville will comply with statutory legislation and regulations as determined.

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Equal opportunity

Arville is an equal opportunity employer and is fully committed to a policy of treating all of its employees and job applicants equally

We will take all reasonable steps to employ, train and promote employees on the basis of their experience, abilities and qualifications without regard to race, colourethnic origin, nationality, national origin, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, marital or civil partnership status or disability

Public interest

Arville embraces responsibility for the company’s actions and encourages positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere

We actively pursue good community relationships, examples of which can be seen in our support for local youth sports, industry training and apprenticeship schemes and pro-active schemes to ensure the continued health and well-being of our employees both within and outside of work

Corporate Responsibility