Precision Technology for Future Textiles

The installation of a new laser flatbed cutting table at Arville’s Bradford facility represents a further investment by the group in developing its ‘best-in-class’ offering for customers. The laser-guided CNC cutter will further improve the efficiency, speed and quality of Arville’s fabrication capabilities.

Able to cut any type of fabric into virtually any shape, the equipment also achieves greater precision with the ability to exactly reproduce cutting work time-after-time with no deviation in quality at the mere press of a button.

Electronic templates and cutting patterns can be programmed and stored in memory then easily recalled for quick turnaround of jobs with minimal set-up times. Digital customer approval for each job helps to further reduce the time taken, allowing production to go ahead more quickly.

The in-built software allows cutting patterns to be nested for maximum efficiency, eliminating unnecessary wastage of valuable fabric and reducing costs.

Typical working times have been reduced by as much as 90% for some of the more complex patterns with cutting times as little as only a few minutes.

All types of natural and man-made fabrics can be cut on the machine including Kevlar, Vectran, Dyneema, glass fabrics, cotton, polyester, nylon and coated fabrics.

The contactless method of cutting means that manual handling of the fabric has been reduced to a minimum and, as the laser cuts without affecting surrounding fibres, it finishes with a high-quality stable edge which eliminates fraying.

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