Product Fabricating

Bespoke Textile Fabrication

We are specialists in fabricating complex, high specification bespoke textile pieces to any shape and size which are used throughout manufacturing and industry

  • Centrifuge bags
  • Flexible sleeves / connectors
  • Stowage bags
  • Hydro extractor bags
  • Ammunition bags
  • Filtration media
  • Fluid bed dryer bags
  • Insulation jackets
  • Military personnel equipment
  • Military vehicle interior components
Centrifuge bags Flexible sleeves/connectors
Stowage bags Hydro bags
Ammunition bags Filtration media
Military personnel equipment Military vehicle
interior components

Fabricated Military Equipment

The use of high performance, hard-wearing technical textiles in military personnel equipment is well established

With the growing need for fabrics which are more durable, lighter and which provide an optimum level of protection, the Arville name has become known for our long working history with the defence industry and its many contractors

We are capable of pre-fabricating components for, as well as complete pieces of, a wide range of military equipment including ammunition bags, stowage bags, personal load carrying equipment, ballistic armour reinforcements, helmet covers and linings, protective clothing and reinforcement panels for bomb disposal suits

Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

As a specialist item, Arville fluid bed dryer (FBD) bags are used across a wide range of industries where the efficient drying of moist powder forms a critical part of the manufacturing process

Our FBD bags are used throughout the food & dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, mineral and polymer manufacturing industries and are expertly crafted to make sure of the fit, durability and techncial performance required for all makes of fluidised bed dryer units

We fabricate bespoke bags from micron rated polypropylene, polyester or nylon fabrics according to the size of the dryer unit and the number of chambers

Our specialist filtration fabrics can be woven to include carbonised filaments or stainless steel to dissipate static electricity and allow it to discharge through the bag, especially relevant where the process requires the use of solvent evaporation and presents ignition risks


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