Our Brands

We understand the importance of having a recognisable source for your technical textiles and our brands play a major part in helping our customers achieve their objectives. Arville® and Arvex® fabrics are exclusively designed and manufactured in the UK by Arville and can be found at work within a wide range of diverse, complex and difficult applications around the world


For over 60 years we have been working at the forefront of technical textile development

We were closely involved in the development of synthetic man-made fabrics such as polyamide, polyester and polypropylene into industrial and technical applications

Arvex® is our brand of technical fabrics which can be found listed on many specifications and drawings for fabric components that require exceptionally high performance levels against extreme and adverse conditions


Arville® is the main trademark for our fabrics and is registered for use throughout the UK & Europe

By choosing Arville® our customers are assured that their fabric has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and will consistently meet their exact technical specifications

Arville® is rapidly becoming the name of choice for fabric buyers and specifiers who are in need of high performance, cost-effective textile solutions

About Arville