Fabrics for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

PPE Fabrics

Fabrics to protect firefightersArville is a specialist manufacturer of high performance textiles which are used in the production of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Arville PPE fabrics for Police and Fire are rigorously tested and designed to comply with international standards BS7971, EN469 and AS/NZS4967


  • First responder uniforms (Fire/Police)

  • Petro-chemical suits

  • Bomb disposal Suits

  • Flight Suits

  • Racing Suits

  • Immersion Suits














Fabrics Engineered to Protect


These include smart fabrics which can be used for lining systems that are capable of wicking moisture away from the wearer, and tough, durable outer shell fabrics which form barriers against heat, flame, fuel and chemical splashes


We engineer woven textiles to impart a wide range of bespoke properties and performance characteristics which are designed to offer maximum protection in even the most demanding and hostile working environments. Arville PPE fabrics are lightweight, offering the wearer comfort, confidence and ease of movement with high levels of inherent protection from potential hazards


Breathable open weave structure

Open Structure

Regulates temperature and moisture levels for optimum comfort

Closed weave structure

Closed Structure

Fibres react to high temperature by closing the weave structure to insulate from radiant heat



High Performance Fibres

Fabrics for police PPEOur extensive portfolio of yarns are sourced from a network of suppliers on a global basis. Not only does this enable us to bring you the latest advantages in material technology, it also provides our customers with the most cost-effective solutions. We have established long-term relationships with well-known manufacturers of branded high-performance yarns



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