Aerospace Textiles

Military Aircraft Covers and Components

Arville has a long-established history working with defence contractors in the aerospace industry in the design and supply of high-specification fabrics and pre-fabricated textile components used in a variety of complex applications in military aircraft and helicopters.

  • Ejector seat covers
  • Parachute release bags
  • Troop seating
  • Screens
  • Partitions
  • Breather mask reinforcements
  • Fuel cell reinforcements
  • Anti-G trousers and suits
  • Survival inflatables
  • Flight suits
  • Aircraft flotation bags

Civil Aviation Aircraft Interior Fabric Suppliers

Arville’s aerospace fabrics are used within civil aircraft worldwide in a growing range of applications.

As a specialist aircraft fabric covering company, we produce hi-spec fire resistant and flame-proof fabrics used in the making of in-flight equipment such as stowage bags and document bags, and also within structural applications such as ventilation and ducting reinforcements, flexible seals, blinds, thermal insulation layers, seating reinforcements, boarding gangways and connectors.

Aerospace Fabrics for Ancillary and Survival Equipment

We produce fabrics which are specified for use in high performance, high integrity, lightweight buoyancy devices and survival equipment.

These include emergency flotation systems for helicopters, crashworthy and self-sealing portable fuel containers for the transfer of fuel, oil and other liquids, external life rafts, pillow tanks, respirator mask filters and reinforcements, protective suits, inflatable and temporary structures such as aircraft shelters, engine covers and ground servicing covers.

Aircraft Fabrics for Structural Components and Reinforcement

Textile reinforced composite structures are increasingly being specified in the aviation industry due to their high strength/weight ratios in comparison to other materials, allowing for weight reduction, improved fuel economy and reduced operating costs.

Arville fabrics are used within the aviation industry to form integral reinforcement matrices for a wide range of high specification components.

Arville is also well-known as a specialist supplier of textiles used in the restoration and repair of both modern and vintage fabric clad light aircraft.

Arville’s specialist fabrics are designed to provide a light, airproof skin for lifting and control surfaces, offering reduced drag with a sleek profile. The tensile strength of the fabrics provides a durable outer skin which not only serves to protect the aircraft from the elements but also helps to provide structural strength to otherwise weaker surfaces.

Dymetrol Seating Fabrics

Arville Dymetrol suspension fabrics are designed to replace conventional seating materials such as springs, foams, and wires which are heavier and more bulky. Modern seating systems which use Arville Dymetrol deliver weight reduction, improved comfort, simpler construction, lower costs and space savings.

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