Automotive Textiles

Specialist Automotive Fabric – Rubber Reinforcement

Arville’s automotive fabrics are used as reinforcements in the manufacture of mechanical rubber goods. We weave using specialist yarns including high-strength, high-temperature resistant polyesters and meta-aramids such as Kevlar, Conex and Nomex to create fabrics which are designed to bond well and accept rubber matrices in ways that provide exceptional strength to flexibility ratios.

Our capability of manufacturing tubular fabric which is cut on the bias allows us to provide textiles which not only have improved drape and elasticity properties for complex and intricate shapes but also offers ways to reduce our customers’ production costs by eliminating unnecessary wastage from the manufacturing process.

Our ability to pre-cut fabric to a specific bias reduces handling of the fabric in further processes, saving both valuable production time and costs.

  Tear resistant   Heat resistant
  Burst/pressure resistant   High strength
  Durability   Flexibility/rigidity
  Impact resistant   Puncture resistant
  Bias cut (38°- 52°)   Chemical resistant
  Fuel/solvent resistant   Abrasion resistant

Fuel Cell Reinforcements

Arville leads the market developing high-performance, cost-effective automotive fabrics for reinforcing difficult, highly complex and intricate rubber products. Our flexible manufacturing – even for short run or bespoke individual pieces makes us ideal partners to provide cost-effective solutions for highly technical textiles.

Arville fabrics are used as reinforcements within the structure of flexible fuel cells and fuel bladders which are used in high-performance racing cars, military vehicles, aircraft and helicopters.

We produce durable fabrics that perform consistently over time where safety levels are critical. We can create bespoke lightweight fabrics designed for fuel resistance, impact resistance, high tensile strength, heat resistance, flame proofing, and puncture resistance.

Dymetrol Seating Fabrics

Arville Dymetrol suspension fabrics are designed to replace conventional seating materials such as springs, foams, and wires which are heavier and more bulky. Modern seating systems which use Arville Dymetrol deliver weight reduction, improved comfort, simpler construction, lower costs and space savings.

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