Pharmaceutical Filter Textiles

Specialist Fabrics For Pharmaceutical Filtration

Arville has been a supplier of high-quality fabric media to the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years, providing both roll-stock fabrics and pre-fabricated textile components.

Our integrated approach from weaving right through to fabrication ensures the highest level of quality and technical support possible, with full traceability right back to the individual yarn sources – a critical feature which benefits our customers operating within the pharmaceutical industry.

Arville fabrics for pharmaceutical filters are designed to be durable, hard-wearing and inert to the chemical process, giving consistency of performance throughout the lifecycle of the fabric media with good cake release, clarity of filtrate and resistance to blinding.

  • Filter liners
  • Filters
  • Pressure filtration media

Pharmaceutical Bags

Arville are specialist manufacturers of fluid bed dryer bags, centrifuge bags, and pharmaceutical bags for blending, drying and mixing, designed to meet the challenges of a wide variety of applications within the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Grade Fabrics

As many pharma processes include direct product contact with the filter media surface, we carefully control the design and production of our fabrics from individual yarn selection, to weaving, finishing and end-form fabrication, ensuring that we eliminate issues regarding contamination

Residual spin finishes, weaving lubricants and any impurities are scoured from our fabrics with intensive finishing processes to prepare them for pharmaceutical use

Our dedicated fabrication unit follows strict quality assurance procedures throughout the make-up process to ensure that the appropriate regulatory requirements are followed in relation to clean down routines, specification tolerances and traceability. We produce many bespoke fabricated products manufactured to our customers’ specific requirements

Fluid bed dryer bags Bags for blending/drying/mixing
Filter liners Filters
Pressure filtration media Centrifuge bags


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