Industrial Textile Fabrics

Specialist Industrial Textile Manufacturers

Not only do Arville’s industrial fabrics form a critical part of many physical products, our roll fabrics and prefabricated textile components can also be found in use as part of a growing range of unique and specialist applications throughout industrial processing.

  • Process liners
  • Release liners
  • Seal reinforcements
  • Diaphragm & gasket reinforcements
  • Industrial filter fabrics
  • Lightweight conveyor belt (LCB) reinforcements
  • Hose liners
  • Hose reinforcements
  • Fabric connectors
  • Industrial mesh fabric
  • High temperature kiln, furnace and incinerator bags
  • Temporary shelters
  • Screens/curtains
  • Industrial nylon fabric
  • Industrial polyester fabric
  • Gangways and connectors
  • Workwear reinforcements
  • Lifting straps
  • Rope reinforcements

Spiral Link Belting

As specialist industrial fabric manufacturers, Arville supply spiral link belting for use in a wide range of applications.

Constructed from spirally wound multifilament and monofilament polyester yarn, Arville™ spiral link can be supplied as a pre-made belt or in roll form up to 3,000mm wide.

Used as a means of conveying, filtering and separating products, spiral link belting can be found at work in many industrial processing plants including sewerage and waste effluent, pulp, fibreboard, ceramics and mining.

With additional applications within the food industry for the processing of meat, fish and vegetables, spiral link is a versatile product that can be adapted to a wide range of end uses.

Spiral link belting can be made to offer varying degrees of permeability, giving excellent drainage where volumes of material require a high liquid content removal. It offers an effective medium for the processing of fluid-laden products which require a coarse mesh structure for the separation of liquids and which, as well as being durable and hard wearing, allows for cost-effective and easy clean-down and maintenance routines.

Construction Yarn type

Weight (gsm)

Thickness (mm)

Air permeability

(cfm@½ water gauge)

Water vapour permeability


MD breaking


Fine spiral Polyester 1,175 2.15 830 415.8 25%
Standard spiral Polyester 1,400 2.6 1,000 388.1 30%
Filled spiral Polyester 1,820 2.6 313 1,145 30%


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