Food Industry Textiles

Food Grade Fabrics

We supply a wide range of woven food grade fabric products to the food manufacturing industry which are utilised in both critical and non-critical applications. Arville food grade fabrics can be found in anything from machine belting, to filtration media, to dust socks and connectors.

Keeping pace with the growing complexity of regulations within the food industry, we have developed a range of fabrics which have been independently tested and certified to meet with the European migration requirements for direct food contact.

Food Grade Fabric Applications in Conveyors and Belting

We weave many high-performance food grade fabric products which are used as base materials in the construction of conveyors and belting used throughout the food industry.

The material, thickness and texture of the weave depend on the function of the belt, with the base fabric providing strength, longitudinal flexibility and cross-width stability as well as being highly durable and capable of handling mechanical stress from pulleys and rollers.

It is our consistent ability to deliver food grade fabrics which can perform in these ways which has seen Arville become one of the leading suppliers of specialist modern lightweight belting fabrics.

Truly Endless Woven Rotary Moulder Belts (Braybands)

Arville are a specialist in the manufacture of woven belts (braybands) for rotary moulder machinery and we have been leading the industry with our endless belts since their invention over 70 years ago. We manufacture highly bespoke and specialist belts with a woven endless construction – i.e. they have no joint anywhere on their length

All of our belts have woven selvedges as a standard feature, with a continuous weft giving increased stability, better tracking and improved wear resistance against mechanical stress. Optional polyester reinforcement can be woven into the edges for extra strength and food grade PU coatings can be applied to the reverse side

Arville rotary moulder belts are made predominantly from natural yarns, using a high proportion of cotton, which is a fibre that is proven to be effective in extracting biscuit dough from the moulding roller. We have continued to improve technical performance by developing belts where cotton is mixed with other man-made fibres to increase their operational life and effectiveness with different dough mixtures


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